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Placements that foster belonging.

About John Evans Recruiting

John Evans began fostering strong relationships between professionals and employers in 2004. As someone who is truly in the people business, John understands the importance of culture and the exponential impact a teammate can have on a company and the communities they serve. Through 21 years of training, expertise, and situational career perspective on the job market and candidate market, his unique, high integrity approach has made over 28,000 successful connections.


During that time, John has used his own expertise to give back to the community, nurturing the next generation of thought leaders through community advocacy as a board member of the Boys and Girls Club. In both roles, one theme proves true again and again:

When the right people work with the right team surrounded by the right environment, a whole lot of magic can happen.

John's Expertise and Focus:  

  • Executive CFO search 

  • Corporate accounting and Corporate finance

  • Internal audit  

  • Corporate tax 

  • Corporate development, M&A, and strategy  

  • Public accounting

  • Alternative investment

  • Executive assistant

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